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Q - Can any friends or members of my family come and visit me while I am on a retreat?

A - Yes they can but unfortunately not into the ‘crop’ room, but you are welcome to meet

 up in the bar area and they are welcome to stay with you over the weekend

(please contact us for more details on this)

Q - Are children allowed in the crop room

A - We don’t allow any children under 14 in the crop room but they are

welcome to come for the weekend as long as someone is able to look after them while you crop

Q - Do you allow people to crop even if we are local and don’t want to stay at the hotel

A - Of course you can - please ask for a ‘day crop’ booking form

Q -  Do I have to scrapbook when coming to a retreat, as I have never scrapbook before

A -  No any crafter (within reason) are welcome to come

Q - I have never scrapbook before but would like to try, can I still come

        and be shown how to start?

A - Yes of course we were all learners once and we can show you the basics.  

       Also with the group we can all help you and you will pick up tips etc over the weekend.

Q - I am disabled can I still come?

A - Yes of course I always as the hotel for rooms for people with disabilities and

        if you need a wheelchair please let me know when you book

Q - Are dogs allowed at the retreats

A - This will be down to the hotel, please call us and I will ask for you

Q - Do I have to be in the ‘crop’ room the whole weekend?

A - No of course not you are welcome to go and wander, site see etc, we just ask you

       use the room at least 2/3rds of the event, otherwise, you can come and go as you please

Q - Can I bring food and drink in please?

A - Yes you can but this must be eaten or drunk (especially bottles of wine) away

        from the hotel - NOT even in the bedroom.  Most hotels’ don’t like food and drink

        being  bought in - A list can be sent out on what you can and can’t bring

Q - Do you have equipment that we can use during the retreat?

A - Yes there will be a Grand Calibur and loads of dies and embossing folders,

       Punches, Templates that can be used

Q - Can I bring my die cutting machine (IE Cricut) or any of my own equipment

A - Yes you can but please make sure that any  that need plugs have been PAC tested

Thank you I hope this has helped you but if there is a question

you may have but not answered, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line

Over the years we have had people ask us different questions  about the events So we thought we would try and  cover as many of them as we can  If you still need to contact us, please click here Back to the top